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Zhengli Group Company Limited is a large group company, founded in 2006. It is dealing with capacitors and resistors, including ceramic capacitor50V~ 15KV , 250VAC , 400VAC , film capacitor ( MINI BOX , CL71 , CL21X , CL21S ,CL21, CL21B ,CBB21 , MKP-X2, CBB81,CBB13 , CBB21B,CL20, CL11)  , safety capacitor ( Y1, Y2, X1 ), safety capacitor (MKP-X2 ), ZVR zinc oxide varistor, NTC thermistor.

Offering Capacitors and Resistors for 9 Years

Founded in 2006, Zhengli group co Ltd holds an area of 10, 000 square meters and employs 500 staff, including 20 R&D engineers and 20 QC staff with 10 years' experience. Our main product categories are ceramic capacitor, metalized film capacitor, safety capacitor ( Y1, Y2, X1 ), safety capacitor (MKP-X2 ), ZVR zinc oxide varistor, NTC thermistor. Our products are widely used on electronic products, such as large or small household electric appliances, power supplies, chargers, communication equipment, computers and peripherals, and lighting appliances.

Large Monthly Capacity to Complete Volume Orders Rapidly

We own 17 automatic production lines and have developed a three-stage production line for AC ceramic capacitors (Y type) by ourselves. Our automatic production is ahead of most manufacturers in mainland China, producing 20 million AC ceramic capacitors (Y1/X1, Y2/X1), 5 million AC ceramic capacitors (MKP-X2), 5 million metallized film capacitors (CL21, CBB21), and 5 million high-, medium- and low- dielectric ceramic capacitors each month. Because of our hard work, we have obtained three innovation patents and 13 utility patents.

Meeting International Standards like UL and VDE

We have a complete range of certifications regarding product safety, environmental protection and company management. For safety, we have UL, cUL, VDE, ENEC, CQC, SEV, SEMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO, and FIMKO approvals. Our company is also ISO 9001: 2008- and ISO 14001: 2004-certified. Based on QC 080000: 2005 regulations, we have established a Hazardous Substance Process Management System to restrict hazardous substances. All of our products are compliant with the RoHS and REACH Directives plus our ceramic capacitors are free of halogens, phthalates and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. They have been approved by GB (China) and IEC as well.


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