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  Guangzhou chuangqi TA2 donating to benhuang hospice  

Guangzhou chuangqi TA2 donating to benhuang hospice


TA2 all the members just spent mysterious weekend, before chewing the soul-stirring and tenderness of the weekend,all members actively put into the project "donation to benhuang hospice", with practical action to send his life a real big gift ! From the foot of the starting, firm every step; from the side to start, care for each person.

This charitable activity, conducted by the leader Yin Zhongle of Guangzhou chuangqi TA2 and all members quick donation, raised a total of cash 155086, of which TA2 team donated 30000 yuan, the leader and TA2 members in a private capacity

donated 34699 yuan, leader Yin Zhongle donated 90387 yuan.Besides, Mr. Fang Zhipeng provides short haul freight and loading charge (3000yuan’s worth ). The donation cash is purchased skidproof tiles and sitting style chamber-pot for phase II hospice Buddhist Chapel and decoration ground and bathroom in 79 olders’  room . The goods shipped to benhuang hospice in Anren county Hunan Province by three trucks .

When TA2 members and goods arrived at the construction site, the master shijian (from the right the second one in the picture ) greet personally .


Trucks shipping goods into the construction site




skidproof tiles and sitting style chamber-pot



It is reported that approved by the Civil Affairs Department of Hunan Province in 2013,founded by benhuang elder disciple master shijian , dayaowang temple anyang foundation is officially launched , that is the first institutionalized foundation organized by Buddhist groups, and that mainly services for the elders and the unattended children. Within the next five years, the foundation will establish benhuang hospice with a unified nomenclature in Hubei, Sichuan, Gansu, Guangxi, Henan and other places ,to nursing old people in the first poor areas.

effect drawing for Benhuan hospice in Anren county


·         Benhuan hospice under construction (Phase II)







On June 5, some members of TA2 and loving people, a total of nine people , attended the donation ceremony of Anren benhuang hospice. After awarding to TA2 team , master shijian talk with us. Master shijian said: very grateful for the TA2’s donation action and Thank TA2’ s practical action to care for the elders, to serve the society. Subsequently, Master shijian introduced Anren benhuang hospice to TA2 team.The Anren benhuang hospice adheres to the spirit of "not seeking ease   for ourselves and helping humen being apart from misery , inherits the benhuang master’s wills, dedicating to caring for the elders, to accompany the elders, to help to support elders, to care the unattended children.
TA2’s delegate Huang Shoufeng, Liu Linying took the plaque from master shijian


TA2 members listening to master shijian introducing benhuan hospice


after visiting the construction site of the hospice , through the communication with master shijian , TA2 members are deeply moved by the strong, caring and giving woman, and promise,they will continue to support the benhuang hospice , care for others, to be a caring and giving person.
Huang Shoufeng: must mange his company successfully , to make more money, to pay back the society.
Liu Linying: master shijian deeply touched me, if need, I will also donate water purifier to hospice. In addition, my career must reach a higher level, to donate more people and institutions.
Xiang Xiankai: I will also donate some crafts to hospice to make it more comfortable. Down-to-earth do business, more care for others.
Zhang Zhi Wei: as long as we persist ,we will be able to accomplish great things. Master shijian through 10 years of perseverance and efforts, finally achieve the ideal.
Huang Yunxiang: to be a caring and giving man, givng love to help others and achieve oneself; do a good job, then can help and care more people who need to.
Yin Zhongle: at the first time to meet this woman mater shijian , I am moved, I think I should do more for the society and for the elders, which is a very significative thing!

TA2 members taking photos with master shijian


On the day of Double Ninth Festival in year 2015 , that is September ninth by lunar calendar (on October 21th), Hunan Anren benhuang hospice will hold a activity of anyang charity vegetarian feast for thousands of olders ", then at that time, more than 2000 olders from Hunan province will be invited to the party. The activity aims to promote Chinese excellent culture of filial piety. Piety is the foundation of all virtues. Only when learned filial piety, then be able to be obedient , to care the elders, to accompany the elders, to treat the world with filial respect , to let the world have more love,to let every heart feel warm from now on, to hug each other ! TA2 all members will take part in the activity as volunteer members. all members will be careful, diligent and pleasant to service the whole activitiy, and enjoy the Double Ninth Festival together with more than 2000 elders.

 a photograph of the whole members of TA2



Leader In the front row from left to right : zhu li qing , yin zhong le , zhu zhi yong

Members from left to right : liu lin ying , pan yi ming , gu shi wei , huang shou feng , zhang hong miao ,zhang zhi wei , xiang xian kai , wu xiao cong , huang yun xiang , liang xin sheng , song ping


Author : Gu shi wei



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