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  Shenzhen love team LP41 Huizhou love trip on October 12th  


Shenzhen love team LP41 Huizhou love trip on October 12th

There is a group of children, whose parents left them to work in different places, and who are alone in the growth; there is a group of children, who are learning in dilapidated classrooms with tables and chairs shaking; there is a group of children, whose eyes flashing tears,craving to be loved.
Love is everywhere. you and me, we are together to concern about the unattended children.and education in poverty mountain area. And then a small step, but also a great birth! Gather your and my love together, to help the children in poor mountain areas the dreams to come true. Education is to hlep the mountain area to get rid of poverty . We believe that love can change everything, love can create everything, your love will give them strength, make the future closer and to laugh more .

Place: lingxia primary school in Hengli Town Huicheng District Huizhou City,

·         schoolmaster : Huang Xueqiang   mobile phone: 15916381976
Organization: Shenzhen love team LP41

This love activity accepting the material:

1 study supplies: school bags, work book, pen, watercolor pen, pencil box, ;
2 extra-curricular books:
children books, fable books, story books, teaching books, disc and popular science books for 5 - 8 years old children;
3 sports equipment: swing, slide;
4 desks and chairs: 50 sets of desks and chairs;
5 children's umbrellas and raincoat
6 gifts and toys: 200 pieces of stationery and toys;
7 refurbished materials: environmental protection paint, wool brush, floor paint, exterior wall paint;
8 transportation: large buses or
middle buses for 100 people ; 1 truck;
9 project funds.









 Author: Sun Xiaozhong

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